Chisago County Long-Range Transportation Plan Update

Chisago, Minnesota

SRF updated Chisago County’s Long-Range Transportation Plan. We identified existing transportation issues to gain a greater understand of the transportation system as a whole. This effort included a broad public involvement process, with focus groups, open houses, and meetings with the project’s Technical Advisory Committee at key project milestones. In addition, SRF worked closely with the County Engineer throughout the development of the transportation plan.

Key elements of the plan included:

  • Existing conditions report
  • Transportation goals and objectives
  • Analysis of future transportation needs
  • Roadway system plan

SRF evaluated existing conditions in order to gain a greater understanding of the local transportation system. Future year traffic forecasts were developed for all roadways using historic traffic volume data, with regards to recent construction activity, development potential, land use and demographic trends, transportation or corridor studies and input received from local stakeholders. The traffic forecast volumes were a critical component of the future congestion analysis, which identified roadway deficiencies using a volume to capacity analysis.

We established a roadway system plan using findings from the existing conditions report and analysis of future transportation needs (i.e., traffic forecast and roadway congestion), using a logical, systematic and transparent analytical process that provided rational for all recommendations. The roadway system plan provided a framework to achieve a better performing system aligning roadway functionality and purpose, while also matching roadways with jurisdictions best suited to manage and maintain them.

CLIENT: Chisago County, Minnesota