METRO Red Line BRT Stormwater Management Plan

Apple Valley & Lakeville, Minnesota

The reconstruction of Cedar Avenue to accommodate the METRO Red Line bus rapid transit (BRT) offered the cities of Apple Valley and Lakeville an opportunity to identify and solve drainage problems associated with the trunk storm sewer system that had been constructed over numerous decades.  

This 3.8-mile construction project involved analysis of existing storm sewer infrastructure and design of new systems that meet local and State Aid design criteria. The corridor consists of 104 acres of drainage, and conveys additional runoff from the adjacent 388 acres. Much of the offsite runoff is routed through existing storm water ponds prior to, or after, entering the corridor. Likewise, some of the offsite runoff enters and exits the corridor more than one time.

SRF used existing hydrologic information and GIS-based information to construct an XP-SWMM model to evaluate the existing systems and suggest alternatives to solve flooding problems within the Cedar Avenue corridor as well as meet the requirements of the various regulatory agencies. 

The final report guided the cities and Dakota County decisions regarding which segments of the trunk system should be replaced or augmented, saving the project significant costs and assisting in staging the construction on this very busy commuter route.

CLIENT: City of Apple Valley