I-94 Lane Control Signals

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (Southeast Region) reconfigured the lane assignments along the western approach of the I-43/I-94/I-794 Marquette Interchange. This reconfiguration attempted to improve traffic operations for motorists traveling through the Marquette Interchange onto westbound I-94. However, the reconfiguration resulted in a shift of operational deficiencies to the I-794 westbound corridor, which experienced delays and queues as a result. WisDOT selected SRF to develop and evaluate alternatives to alleviate traffic operational deficiencies within the restricted right of way along westbound I-94.

A variety of managed-lane strategies that would inform motorists of traffic shifts and lane closures were proposed and evaluated, including overhead Lane Control Signals (LCS) and dynamic shoulder usage. SRF used Paramics to evaluate each alternative, noting operational benefits and pitfalls associated with each.

Once a preferred alternative was selected for design, SRF evaluated the conceptual design for potential safety issues to investigate and address. SRF led several meetings with WisDOT staff including a presentation meeting of the managed-lane system with region administration and Central Office staff.

The SRF team quickly, yet methodically, developed sound alternatives for analysis, performed traffic operations analysis on the alternatives, evaluated safety concerns for the preferred alternative, and provided numerous managed-lane alternatives for WisDOT to consider. SRF delivered solutions under extremely tight deadlines due to public sentiment for immediate improvement..

Client: Wisconsin Department of Transportation