I-90 Mississippi River Bridge Approaches and US 61/14 Interchange: ITS Design

Dresbach, Minnesota

SRF led the final design for this highly complex project with an aggressive design schedule. With an estimated $211,000,000 budget, a complete reconstruction of the roadway, bridges, and landscape in the area was designed, along with a comprehensive Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) deployment.  SRF provided design services for both the bridge approach area and the ITS elements of the project.

To enhance incident management at the interchange, four CCTV installations providing views of all roadways approaching the bridges were designed, along with two Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) for traveler information. To assist with weight enforcement, a weight-in-motion system was also designed for vehicles entering Minnesota. An anti-icing system was also designed to improve safety on all bridge spans.

With the remote location of this important crossing, creating a robust data connection to the project was particularly challenging.  Leveraging SRF’s relationships with both the Minnesota and Wisconsin Departments of Transportation, a solution for a wide-area connection was devised using planned and existing Wisconsin fiber optic infrastructure to allow for high-capacity, low-cost data transport that allows both states access to the ITS assets installed by the project.

Client: MnDOT