13th Street Streetscape Enhancements

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thirteenth Street in downtown Minneapolis provides a two block connection between the Convention Center and Nicollet Mall. To improve and reinforce the pedestrian experience and sight line connections along this corridor, SRF worked with the City of Minneapolis to develop a cohesive palette of streetscape elements that addressed lighting, paving, planting and wayfinding signage to better orient Convention Center visitors to the area.

SRF worked with a local artist to integrate sculptural elements into wayfinding kiosks as part of the streetscape enhancements to serve as focal points and reinforce a Minnesota themed landscape.  Portions of the project extend over an existing underground parking garage and landscaping was reconfigured without impact to the roof.

Streetscape improvements also respond to the implementation of a new bus transit plan, which will increase the amount of pedestrian traffic along 13th Street between the Nicollet Mall and the Convention Center.

CLIENT: City of Minneapolis