Rochester Transit-Oriented Development Plans

Rochester, Minnesota

SRF was a key member of the consultant team completing the Rochester Transit-Oriented Development Plans.  Downtown Rochester is growing rapidly with more people, jobs, and development in the core. Managing this growth sustainably means doing things differently than in the past, and fully embracing a cultural change that will increase the number of people using transit to, from, and within downtown. Implementation of BRT is key to accomplishing this goal, as is increasing the number of people living and working near transit. The TOD Plan addresses siting of stations, real estate market and development prospects in downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, land use and zoning changes, and access to the stations by walking and bicycling.

SRF contributed to all aspects of the plan and advised on BRT operations, optimal station locations, integration of transit and walking, bicycling, and vehicular travel, public realm design, street function, and station accessibility and universal design. SRF also led public engagement for the plan, which incorporated open houses, pop-up events, neighborhood and focus group meetings, social media, online surveys, and traditional media.