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MnPASS Enforcement Assistance System (EASy)

SRF developed an innovative tool to help the Minnesota State Patrol enforce MnDOT’s MnPASS lanes, which are high occupancy toll lanes. The MnPASS Enforcement Assistance System (EASy) provides State Patrol officers with a second set of eyes so that a single trooper can better enforce MnPASS lane use.

The EASy system consists of two elements:

  • Image Capture – side view images of suspected violators (vehicles without a MnPASS transponder) are sent directly to troopers’ laptops in their patrol vehicles. System components include a vehicle detector, IR camera and illuminators, secure web server and system logic.
  • Enforcement Beacon – uses the system logic to activate a beacon that troopers monitor for potential violators. Vehicles with a MnPASS tag activate a blue beacon while those without activate an amber beacon. SRF designed beacon deployments throughout the MnPASS system.

Armed with this information, troopers can pull over drivers, perform a visual inspection of carpoolers, and issue citations accordingly. The EASy system has made enforcement operations safer and more efficient.

SRF submitted this concept to MnDOT’s Innovative Ideas program where it was selected for pilot testing and implementation across the MnPASS system.

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Twin Cities, Minnesota
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