Loring Greenway Redevelopment

Minneapolis, Minnesota

After 20 years of use as one of Downtown Minneapolis’ signature open spaces, the Loring Greenway was showing signs of deterioration as site furnishings, lighting and other amenities became old and outdated, paving materials began to fail and planting areas became difficult to maintain. In addition, the presence of bicyclists and skateboarders created conflicts with pedestrians on the Greenway.

SRF worked with the City of Minneapolis public works staff and advising committees to identify site improvements and upgrades to enhance the appearance and function of the Greenway, while still respecting the integrity and character of the original design.

Site improvements included the installation of new exposed granite aggregate paving, restoration of the clay tile planting and fountain embankments, the introduction of new shade tolerant plantings and installation of a new playground facility. The Loring Greenway redevelopment demonstrates how a beloved civic space can be updated to provide accessibility and ease of maintenance while still retaining its original character.

CLIENT: City of Minneapolis