Highway 57/Devils Lake ITS

Devils Lake, North Dakota

The North Dakota Department of Transportation retained SRF to provide planning and design services for ITS improvements in the vicinity of Devils Lake. Severe winter weather events warrant the closure of a section of Highway 57 to protect the traveling public. The designed system implements several ITS improvements to monitor weather conditions and facilitate road closures. SRF wrote the Project Concept Report, prepared a final PS&E package, and performed System Engineering Analysis for the project including the Concept of Operations and the ITS Checklist.

The project features an Environmental Sensor Station (ESS) to monitor local road weather conditions. The ESS includes an IP PTZ camera, a radar traffic sensor and various environmental sensors. The project also includes two surveillance camera systems that monitor specific trouble areas for ice/snow accumulation and road condition. Lastly, two road closure gates with advance signing were designed to close a key section of Highways 20 and 57. The communications system is an Ethernet-based point to multi-point wireless system that connects select field components to the access point radio to be installed on an existing NDDOT tower.

The ESS site automatically captures meteorological data and traffic flow information and transmits it to a processing/storage server via the wireless Ethernet network or cell modem. Users can then access the data via an RWIS software client from the District Office or other sites

North Dakota Department of Transportation