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Rick Lovel

Senior Technologist
Minneapolis, MN

Rick is a nationally recognized visualization expert and actively involved with the FHWA sponsored TRB Visualization in Transportation and Civil Integrated Management (CIM) Subcommittees. Rick focuses on visualization, integration of BIM and GIS, virtual design and construction, and Smart Cities. Rick has delivered solutions to 43 Departments of Transportation as well as federal, state, county, and municipal projects throughout the U.S. As SRF’s Chief Technologist, Rick works closely with clients and public outreach professionals to generate solutions that solve problems. He has been featured in books such as Geospatial Matters: Exploring the Implications of a Digital Earth, in trade journals such as World Pipeline, ESRI’s ArcUser, on U.S. Highway Historical Signs, and the NOVA Science Channel (PBS) website.

Rick has a reputation for developing solutions for every budget, quickly grasping project issues, and crafting effective solutions to help mitigate those issues. His blend of the human perspective and the issues at hand coupled with his technical expertise and dedication to efficiency provides SRF clients with win-win solutions. Rick is trained to understand and weigh the cost versus benefit of visualization and technology adoption, and how to bring forth the best solutions to bear upon the right projects.