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Traffic Design

The final steps in the process for transportation infrastructure are design, construction and operation. SRF’s traffic design and operations experts bring these goals to reality for clients. Our designers, construction experts, and operations staff work closely to deliver solutions that meet stakeholder needs and maximize your return on transportation infrastructure investment. Our services include the following:

Signal Design

SRF leverages our extensive experience along with staying up-to-date on the latest developments and design standards to produce high quality permanent, temporary, and interconnect signal designs. We focus on right-sizing projects, whether it be minor signal updates or a large-scale corridor replacement.

Signing and Pavement Marking Design Including Overhead Signs

SRF has developed signing and pavement marking designs for numerous projects, agencies, and situations, including I-beam and overhead mounted signs. We understand the unique challenges of features such as roundabouts, reduced conflict U-turns (RCUTs), and interchanges.

Temporary Traffic Control, Staging, and TMPs

SRF has significant work zone design and inspection experience, including event traffic management and major freeway reconstructions. SRF also has experience in analyzing traffic management risks and evaluating mitigation strategies to develop a transportation management plan (TMP).  We leverage our intelligent work zone and inspection expertise to identify issues early.

Intersection Control Evaluations and Justification Reports

SRF understands the nuances of developing justification reports and letters for roundabouts, signals, pedestrian crossings, and general intersection control evaluations. SRF can also help “pre-screen” intersections to identify locations for the potential addition, or removal, of traffic signals.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs)

RRFBs have been shown to be an effective and inexpensive pedestrian safety device. SRF has extensive experience designing RRFBs. We can help you identify where they should be installed, what is the right style for your site, and ultimately develop a design.

Asset Management

SRF can help you manage your in place and future assets, such as traffic signals, signing and pavement markings. We can assist in all aspects, from setting up a management system, to end-user interfaces and status dashboards, to data collection.