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Transit Service Planning & System Design

SRF’s transit service planning practice prides itself on our multidisciplinary approach to designing a transit system, and the process of getting to know the unique characteristics of each client’s community. We believe that while transit challenges are universal, solutions are always local. Transit services must be able to respond to changing demands, demographic trends, advances in technology, increasing energy prices, and heightened awareness of environmental concerns. Prior to developing any set of transit service recommendations we will work with local partners to understand a project’s goals and objectives, as well as the values held in each community. Our recommendations will be strategies tied to those desired outcomes.

Our transit service planning work includes experience with all different types of transit providers – this includes urban rail service, fixed-route bus systems in large urban areas, small and mid-sized urban transit agencies, demand response systems, ADA complementary paratransit, and university campus transportation. We have the newest tools and technologies available to analyze and understand these services, and develop recommendations for improvement and service alignment. At the core of our work is helping our clients balance the trade-offs required to make service planning decisions, and defining the desired returns on mobility investments. We know how to get the most out of these transit modes and are willing to work with agencies from planning to implementation.