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In 2020, Metro Transit selected SRF to assist the agency in development of Network Next, Metro Transit’s planning process to develop a vision for the Twin Cities’ bus network of 2040. SRF is conducting the technical analysis and evaluation that will set the implementation course for the next generation of Metro Transit’s arterial BRT lines. We are also conducting analyses of transit performance, demographic, and spatial data to screen and evaluate candidate arterial BRT corridors for their consistency and responsiveness to regional principles of equity, growing ridership, supporting a transit-oriented lifestyle, and sustainable network growth. SRF’s analysis includes development of 10 corridor concepts, planning-level capital and operating cost estimates, arterial BRT and underlying bus service plans, and corridor and network ridership estimates.

SRF is also conducting a literature review and working closely with Metro Transit service planning, operations, and facilities staff to develop arterial BRT service standards and updating existing arterial BRT design standards. Finally, SRF will also evaluate local and express bus network improvements to be included in the plan.


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