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SRF was selected by the City of DeKalb, Illinois to conduct an analysis of the community’s current transit system to account for future expansion of the public transit system in the region, including transit services at Northern Illinois University.

The project included a detailed analysis of travel-related factors and current transit performance and incorporated several layers of local input to help identify area needs. A variety of community surveys were conducted to provide input on how well the current services are meeting local needs and gauged reaction to a series of potential improvements. Options for service modifications were developed, and opportunities to increase base ridership were evaluated for the integration of intra-community transit service among NIU Transit Services and TransVAC, and consider options for improving inter-community transit connections. Tasks completed for this part of the study included a review of previously developed plans, development of system goals, survey design and analysis, community interviews, review of existing transit service information, financial costs, and the development of the TDP.

Dekalb, Illinois
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