Helping your community to envision its future. Preserving what you love about your community by planning for growth and change. Setting the course for rational, guided land use and zoning decisions. Ensuring that growth is compatible with infrastructure. These are only some of the benefits of having an up-to-date land use plan or comprehensive plan for your city, township, or county. SRF’s land use and community planners embrace these fundamental goals of planning. We also provide our clients with expert assistance in:

  • Zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations
  • Small area or master plans
  • Planning/zoning technical assistance – ongoing or on a case-by-case basis
  • Training of staff, planning commissioners, and elected officials
  • ADA compliance

In addition, SRF understands the need for public engagement and outreach—gaining public support is critical to policymakers as they work through decisions about land use, zoning, aesthetics, infrastructure expansion, redevelopment, public facilities, staffing, program development, and funding.