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Killebrew Drive Pedestrian Bridge

A major roadway in the City of Bloomington, Killebrew Drive has six lanes of traffic. With projected 2030 traffic volumes of 39,000 vehicles per day, the potential for pedestrian/vehicle conflicts will steadily increase with time. As a result, the City of Bloomington was awarded a Federal Transportation Enhancement grant to complete the project. SRF designed a grade-separated pedestrian crossing over Killebrew Drive to provide a safe crossing between the Mall of America, a hotel on the north side of Killebrew Drive, and retail, office, and residential uses on the south. Other improvements to help pedestrian wayfinding and limit illegal crossings were also provided, including a 1,200-foot long pedestrian barrier between TH 77 on the west and 24th Avenue on the east that channels pedestrians to the bridge. The pedestrian bridge is completely covered and partially temperature-controlled with elevator and stair access on the south side. SRF partnered with an architect and mechanical/electrical engineers to provide full-service design and construction services on the federally funded project, meeting all the requirements of the State Aid funding process.

City of Bloomington
Bloomington, Minnesota
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