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Lindau Lane Grade Separation

As part of the City of Bloomington’s plans for the South Loop District, they initiated two transportation components to support their vision: the TH 77 to Lindau Lane Ramp Safety Improvement and the Lindau Lane Grade Separation between the TH 77 Ramps and 24th Avenue. The SRF team completed final design for the roadway, structures, utilities, and urban design elements. The project on Lindau Lane separates pedestrian and vehicular access to the Mall of America from the through traffic on the roadway.

Watch the video. On-Site with SRF at the Lindau Lane Grade Separation

Key project issues that the team addressed include:

  • Design of a bridge and plaza capable of supporting a pedestrian and vehicle plaza and future expansion of the Mall of America over the roadway.
  • Management of traffic in the heavily traveled area, including developing work zone traffic control and construction staging plans. Strategies included work zone traffic control plans and intelligent work zone devices, temporary regional and local wayfinding dynamic and static signs, temporary traffic signal design and timing plans, and pedestrian access and circulation signing and guidance.
  • Comprehensive landscape/streetscape plan for the corridor and plaza.
  • Extensive coordination with private utilities.
  • Design and implementation of complicated hydraulic storm sewer systems.
  • Operations evaluations of the 20th Avenue/Ikea Way, 22nd Avenue, and 24th Avenue intersections.
  • Watermain and sanitary sewer replacement.
  • Traffic signal design and timing.
  • Right of way and easement requirement identification.

SRF assisted the City with construction activities and management during the two construction seasons. The design team identified ways to expedite construction and minimize impacts to local roadways, parking lots, and mall operations. Our design was bid significantly below the budgeted cost.

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2016 ACEC/MN Engineering Excellence Grand Award
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