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Hancher Footbridge Over the Iowa River

SRF was the lead designer on the design-build team for the Hancher Footbridge over the Iowa River. The new bridge was located upstream of the existing bridge and was realigned to provide a more direct route to the Hancher Auditorium. SRF provided structural, civil, lighting, hydraulic, and aesthetic design for the continuous, three-span, 380 foot by 12 foot pedestrian bridge. The superstructure consists of twin, haunched steel plate girders with a four-foot vertical curve. The concrete deck incorporates cantilevered overlooks at each pier and stainless steel cable railings. The piers feature beveled horizontal reveals and accent lighting from beneath the deck overhangs. SRF also provided construction engineering for the cofferdams that were required to construct the piers.

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University of Iowa - Iowa City, Iowa
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