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Purgatory Creek Recreation Area

Located in the heart of Eden Prairie, the Purgatory Creek Recreation Area is a 200-acre wetland complex that adjoins a seven-acre park. As part of the City’s largest natural conservation area, the park serves as a gateway and gathering place, gradually transiting from a formal to a naturalized park setting within the conservation area.

Working with the City, SRF developed and implemented a phased master plan that accommodated a variety of activities, events, and programming. The plan also included trailhead parking and pedestrian access to a 2.5-mile trail system that is developed around the wetland complex.

The final master plan for the park created separate activity zones and includes:

  • Large open air pavilion, which is the main visual focus of the park
  • Stone and steel trellis structure and restroom building that complement the architectural character of the pavilion structure.
  • Perennial garden and splash fountain area
  • Open lawn and garden areas with decorative paved plazas and pedestrian pathways for special outdoor events
  • Sign monuments that provide a prominent gateway entry feature for the park

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2005 Award of Excellence Minnesota Recreation and Park Association
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