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Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is being readily embraced by communities as an innovative stormwater management approach. Green infrastructure utilizes natural landscape features and processes to treat stormwater, mimicking natural hydrologic processes and reusing runoff.  SRF believes that successful green infrastructure projects need to be:

  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Hydrologically effective with localized groundwater recharge or reuse
  • Aesthetic, place-making amenities In compliance with or exceeding regulatory requirements

The result is a system that manages stormwater close to the source, reduces downstream infrastructure needs and costs, and protects the natural environment while enhancing and maximizing use of the built environment.

SRF has extensive experience incorporating green infrastructure into a variety of project types, ranging from policy documents and master plans to constructed streetscapes, parks, conservation and reuse, and private and public developments.  Our experts combine sound water resource engineering with urban design to create functional, engaging, context sensitive places that enhance the landscape in which they are placed.


  • Water Reuse
  • Stormwater Harvesting
  • Tree Trenches & Stormwater Planters
  • Permeable Pavements
  • Rain Gardens & Bioretention
  • Media & Sand Filters
  • Enhanced Topsoil & Ditches