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Transit Agency Support Services

Our team of transit professionals come to SRF with a variety of experience that includes working in transit operations, local government, and State Departments of Transportation. This experience gives us a working knowledge of the functional areas of each transit system.

We can help each client use their data to reach its greatest potential and aid in decision-making processes and assist with meeting the stringent requirements of State and Federal compliance areas. We take pride in our ability to work as an extension of our clients’ staff, and work side by-side with them to navigate complex issues and ensure the best quality transit service arrives to riders each day. The following are examples of some support services that fall within SRF’s expertise.

Title VI and ADA Evaluation

Whether making changes to transit service or simply wanting to conduct internal reviews of a transit system, SRF has considerable experience in working to evaluate networks and polices for their impacts on historically disadvantaged populations. We have specific expertise in conducting data-driven, visualized Title VI analyses, reviews for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and designing funding strategies, service standards, and policies that are mindful of equity and social justice. We can also help develop internal policies and programs that correspond to numerous civil rights compliance areas and effective marketing and public engagement.

Owners Representation and Financial Strategies

Whether securing grant funding, constructing a new transit facility, pursuing joint-development, or needing to respond to an FTA oversight action, SRF’s team of transit specialists can produce results and work with our clients for the full life cycle of a project. We understand the complexities of funding partners’ requirements and can offer our consulting experience for timely results to ensure your agency’s good standing with these partners and successful project delivery. Our specialty services include grant writing, owners’ representation for design and construction, federal financial compliance, and capital program development.

FTA Support

Our team can work with you on capital projects and day-to-day operations to make sure that project and grant reporting to FTA is completed in a compliant, accurate, and timely manner. SRF’s experts in project controls, civil engineering, transit operations and finance, and construction project management can serve as an asset to any transit organization.

Strategic Planning

In addition to our service planning practice, we can work with transit systems to evaluate their mission, vision, and values and building consensus among policy-makers. This is of particular importance to transit providers as funding shifts and investment needs must be prioritized. The SRF team knows through experience the importance of developing strategic plans and visions, as it serves as the foundation for planning and implementation. We can establish mission statements, visions, and goals for transit providers that are ambitious, yet realistic, reflect local circumstances, and are forward-looking.

Technology Planning and Implementation

SRF has capabilities in developing technology plans, procurements, specifications, and assisting with testing and implementation of new products and procedures. Our planning practice spans many disciplines including fare collection, automatic vehicle location (AVL), computer aided dispatch, advanced driver assistance systems, maintenance, and other intelligent transportation systems. We have experience deploying transit signal priority and other infrastructure elements that enhance the quality of transit service. Our planning work can help position our clients well for future investments in in an area of practice that is fast moving and ever-evolving.

Grant Writing

SRF’s funding and grant experts have an exemplary track record in pairing clients’ needs with funding sources and securing grant dollars for projects of all sizes. Our team’s capabilities are well known throughout the midwest and across the country. SRF’s grants team has assisted our clients in winning more than a billion dollars in competitive grant opportunities for transportation projects.

Transit Analytics

Our transit practice includes a team of dedicated data analysts ready to leverage the growing range of transit data from all major transit software and data providers. Our team conducts cutting-edge demographic analysis, ridership forecasting, and accessibility calculations and can deploy standard and customized toolkits for transit data visualization. We offer advanced internal and public-facing dashboard tools, as well as a full suite of accessibility analyses through our Equity in Access Framework suite of measures.