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ADA Planning and Design

Since its adoption, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the public.

Many agencies and municipalities maintain public facilities that must comply with ADA accessibility requirements. SRF is a leader in performing compliance checks and accessibility assessments for a variety of public space infrastructure. Our experts work with owners and facility managers to understand specific ADA requirements to ensure compliance with this program. We offer services that help identify problem areas and recommend cost-effective solutions for implementation, and many cities have sought out SRF for assisting in the development of ADA transition plans.

SRF’s ADA experts collaboratively communicate ADA requirements and best practices to agency staff and the public and are passionate about promoting accessibility for all users.

Public Infrastructure Design

Our design experts are trained on ADA infrastructure design and go above and beyond to ensure that our projects are accessible by all users.

Measuring ADA Ramp Grade

ADA Transition Plans/Self-Evaluations for Public Right-of-Way

SRF has expertise in evaluating an agency’s right-of-way network, public facilities, programs, and policies; determining existing ADA barriers; and communicating the assessment through a formal plan documenting the agency’s pursuit to prioritize and address the barriers to accessibility.

Building Accessibility and Private Building Site Evaluations

SRF has ADA-certified specialists who can examine amenities within public facilities so that all visitors can have easy access.

Parks and Recreation Accessibility

SRF records and recommends accessibility improvements for parks and recreation facilities, such as playground equipment, fishing piers, and splash pads, to create spaces for all to enjoy.

ADA Transit Station

Transit & Paratransit

Beyond curb ramps and tactile warnings, wayfinding is an important aspect of making your bus/train on time. SRF leads research projects on accessibility wayfinding for transit agencies. Some disabilities prevent people from using regular fixed transit: SRF works with our clients to ensure that those who cannot take fixed transit are can travel with ease.


SRF has leading experts on a variety of ADA topics. These experts speak at conferences, trainings, and other requested events to share their knowledge and learn from the communities.

Community Advisory Committee Engagement

Community Engagement

The access and availability of public information is a top priority on our projects. For publicly shared information, SRF provides easy-to-understand materials in accessible formats and offers ASL and other services to improve accessibility.

Meet Our ADA Practice Leader