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Utah Department of Transportation 5311 Program and Grant Support

Utah Department of Transportation
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Beginning in December 2021, SRF has been partnering with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to lead the management and overhaul of their FTA Section 5311 Program. SRF’s role is comprehensive; our work began with assisting UDOT in its response to an FTA State Management Review. SRF took a lead role in several subject areas including the development of a Title VI Plan and Program, State Management Plan, Procurement Plan, and developing a scope of work for construction oversight. SRF also worked with internal staff at UDOT to build capacity among internal UDOT teams, including procurement, statewide planning, consultant services, and the Office of Civil Rights. Grant management is also a part of SRF’s ongoing scope of work to assist UDOT in prioritizing projects, closing out grants with a risk of lapsing, and working on revising the agency’s overall transit grant solicitation process. The consultant team is also present at monthly UDOT/FTA meetings to help manage the progress of UDOT’s improvements. Overall SRF is acting as an extension of UDOT staff to deliver successful work in the following areas:

  • Civil Rights Program Development
  • Environmental Review and Transit Facility Planning
  • Federal Grant Management, National Transit Database, and TrAMS Reporting
  • Revision and Development of a State Management Plan
  • Project Scoping and Construction Management
  • Procurement Oversight
  • Subrecipient Training