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The Minnesota Twins Baseball Club constructed Target Field in 2010, a  42,000-seat maximum capacity, open-air baseball park in Downtown Minneapolis. 

SRF worked with Hennepin County and the agencies to complete an EIS for the ballpark. Efforts included analyzing the potential social, economic, and environmental impacts associated with the Build and No-Build Alternatives. The analysis included:

  • Traffic (parking, local roadway, freeway, parking and roadway interaction)
  • Other transportation analysis (transit, freight rail, pedestrian movement)
  • Noise and air quality
  • Visual impacts
  • Cultural resources and site contamination
  • Land use regulation
  • Surface water quality
  • Impacts on utilities
  • Impacts on parks, recreation areas, trails
  • Ballpark operations
  • Construction-related and cumulative impacts
Minnesota Twins Baseball Club
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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