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Environmental Education with a Wetland Expert

In celebration of National Environmental Education Week, one of our Wetlands experts, Emily Deering, explains the importance of wetlands when it comes to flooding.

2010 to 2020 is on track to be Minnesota’s wettest decade. Wetlands are one method to reduce flooding during large rain events. Last summer, SRF’s wetland delineation team observed these wetlands storing water during a heavy storm in southwestern Minnesota. Wetlands can also protect downstream properties by slowing the speed and intensity of floodwaters.

– Emily Deering, WDC, Senior Analyst

To learn more about SRF’s Environmental Planning Services, visit the Environmental Planning page here.

Emily has 8 years of experience in environmental permitting and science. Her strong environmental background experience includes writing and reviewing NEPA documentation for highway and trail projects, as well as completing numerous field and office wetland delineations and reports.