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Steve Wilson Named 2019 WTS Honorable Ray LaHood Award

SRF’s Steve Wilson was chosen for the 2019 WTS Honorable Ray LaHood Award.

SRF’s Steve Wilson was chosen for the 2019 WTS Honorable Ray LaHood Award. This award was created to recognize the men that have been key to WTS International’s efforts to attract, retain, and advance women in transportation. Steve has over 30 years of experience in the transportation field, establishing himself as an innovative, inclusive and respected leader at a national level. Over the last few years he directly contributed toward the advancement of women and minorities through programs and opportunities in the industry. Steve holds a strong personal and professional commitment to the value of diversity in the transportation field and in communities and advocates publicly for his values without hesitation.

Staff and colleagues shared their thoughts and praise in nominating Steve for this award:

“Throughout Steve’s career, he has generously shared his knowledge and expertise with anyone wanting to gain an understanding of this complex field – colleagues, agency staff, entry-level transportation planners, and students investigating careers. He has established a reputation around making this complicated data easily understandable and being able to “tell the story” behind the numbers, allowing project team members, decision makers, and the public to make sound decisions with the best interests of the community in mind.” – Beth Bartz, SRF

” He has amassed a group of curious, creative, and technically skilled engineers and planners that have helped decision makers across the region (and country) decide how to best invest in transportation under his intrepid leadership. The group’s spirit of innovation, positivity, and drive trickles down from the top….I appreciate having someone who is so genuinely kind and thoughtful in a leadership role at SRF. He understands and cares about the importance of diversity in a professional setting, and we in St. Paul look forward to the days he is in our office.” – Joseph Kapper, SRF

“He has a terrific sense of humor, an encouraging demeanor, and is generous with his time and attention. I’ve met few people who are as attentive to the progress of women and minorities, both in society at large, as well as in the transportation industry. Put simply, Steve appreciates opportunities to work with, learn from, and teach people who are not like him. He treats his coworkers as friends and colleagues, regardless of their seniority or status.” – Adele Hall, SRF