Steve manages SRF’s Travel Demand Modeling Group. He has more than 30 years of experience in travel demand modeling and forecasting, transportation planning, transportation needs analysis, and many model applications relating to highway, transit, and freight. Steve leads modeling and forecast services on local, regional, and statewide projects, many of which are among the most visible projects in the Midwest. He currently chairs the North Central Institute of Transportation Engineers Planning Methods and Applications Committee and is an active member of the Midwest Travel Model Users Group.

Steve’s experience includes roadway pricing projects, managed lanes, and complex multiresolution modeling projects. He also has significant experience with multimodal projects, including several transit alternatives analysis projects and other transit ridership and user benefits analyses. Steve has also been active in the field of dynamic traffic assignment and other emerging modeling improvements in the field of traffic analysis.

Steve’s recent projects include:

  • Rush Line Corridor Environmental Analysis, Twin Cities, Minnesota
  • Metropolitan Council Park and Ride Planning Study and Model Update, Twin Cities, Minnesota
  • Rochester Destination Medical Center Street Use Study, Minnesota
  • Metropolitan Council Blue Line LRT Extension, Twin Cities, Minnesota
  • Ann Arbor Connector Alternatives Analysis, Michigan
  • Dakota County Red Line BRT Implementation Plan Update, Minnesota
  • Washington County Gateway Transitway Draft EIS, Minnesota
  • South Bend Urban Corridor Alternatives Analysis, Indiana


P: 763.249.6760


Areas of Expertise:

  • Travel Demand Modeling
  • Transit Forecasts/Modeling
  • Modeling for Environmental Studies
  • Modeling for Land Use Projects
  • Transportation Planning
  • Transit Planning
  • Transportation Needs Analysis
  • Roadway System and Design Projects