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SRF’s Intelligent Transportation Systems/Connected Autonomous Vehicles Group has a rich history of implementing innovative technologies, and we continually look for ways to challenge the status quo and bring in fresh solutions. We are proud to be at the forefront of the next big change in transportation – the advent of connected and autonomous vehicles – a change that will pose challenges and rewards for years to come.

SRF has been a national leader in ITS for more than 30 years. SRF provides start-to-finish services, including research, planning, design, implementation, integration, and evaluation.

SRF Connected Vehicles

Connected & Automated Vehicles

SRF is at the forefront of an upcoming revolution in transportation – the advent of CAV – a change that will challenge the transportation community while at the same time offer improvements in safety and mobility.  SRF’s CAV practice offers guidance to agencies seeking to plan for the future.

Fiber Optic Engineering

SRF has designed fiber optic communication networks for numerous agencies.  We are experienced in both network design and the physical deployment of fiber infrastructure. We also offer contractor oversight services and fiber documentation in varying level of detail to suit owner’s needs.

Intelligent Work Zones

Intelligent Work Zones

SRF has effectively applied Intelligent Work Zones (IWZ) to mitigate the mobility and safety impacts of construction work zones. We understand when IWZ solutions will have the most impact and have worked closely with DOTs to establish statewide IWZ initiatives, saving lives with technology solutions.

Advanced Traffic Management System Software

For Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) software projects, SRF staff includes software developers, software engineers, data scientists and analysts that have extensive experience working with various ATMS systems.  We have worked extensively with IRIS ATMS software, an open source ATMS solution, where we have installed and managed everything from small campus deployments to full statewide DOT solutions.

intelligent work zone

Intersection Conflict Warning Systems

Deploying Intersection Conflict Warning Systems (ICWS) at minor road stop controlled intersections can have a significant impact on safety.  SRF has nationally recognized ICWS staff who design and deploy ICWS systems.  We understand the nuances of when ICWS are most effective and determine which intersections most benefit from an ICWS treatment.

transit technology

Transit Technology

SRF has worked extensively with transit agencies to procure and deploy transit technologies.  We draw on our systems engineering background to identify user needs and translate that into effective procurements.  We also oversee the field deployment of transit systems ranging from real time signs to GPS systems.

Strategic Plans

Proper planning is essential in developing an ITS/CAV program that yields effective results.  SRF uses a variety of approaches to engage stakeholders and craft strategic plans that reflect agency needs.  SRF has developed a variety of strategic plans, including TSMO and ITS.

Managed Lanes

SRF has been involved in all facets of managed lane projects.  We were the lead designer on MnDOT’s first High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lane under the MnPASS program.  We have also led planning, modeling and systems engineering for managed lanes in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Electrical Engineering

SRF’s electrical engineering team has a wide range of design expertise. Our capabilities include determining simple, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to meet client needs in urban, suburban, rural, and remote locations.  We also design charging systems for electric vehicles, including busses.

ITS/CAV Practice Leaders