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SORTA Title VI Service Standards and Policy Document

For nearly five years, SRF has been a go-to consultant for SORTA/Metro regarding Title VI analyses and policy development. Most recently, SORTA retained SRF to assist with a detailed evaluation of existing service standards and performance measures directly related to Title VI that are required by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). SRF conducted a comprehensive assessment using a combination of statistical analytics, personnel interviews, peer assessments, and public engagement activities to enhance specific SORTA service standards and establish performance measures regarding service modifications and monitoring procedures. Subsequently, SORTA expanded SRF’s scope of services to help establish new Disparate Impact and Disproportionate Burden policies, specifying the thresholds at which equity impacts may occur as a result of service or fare adjustments. As part of this effort, SRF helped orchestrate community conversations and engagement activities with SORTA staff to ensure public involvement in the policy-making process. SRF’s work has since been adopted by the SORTA/Metro Board of Trustees.

“You guys have been great to work with and have helped us tremendously.” – Tara Walker
Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA)
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