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SRF was part of the team that worked with the North Dakota DOT to update their Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). The goal of the SHSP update was to support the state’s Vision Zero program, align North Dakota and its stakeholders with Vision Zero, and promote a culture focused on reducing traffic fatalities.

The SHSP established statewide performance measures, goals, and objectives to reduce motor vehicle crash fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads in North Dakota. It also included priority emphasis areas and described a program of strategies that use road design, technology, behavior and policy approaches to crash reduction.

SRF served as the outreach coordinator, leading the planning and execution of a series of six workshops across the state. The goal of these workshops was to gather input from local safety stakeholders on the issues related to traffic safety in their community. Using input from these workshops and statewide crash history data, SRF worked with NDDOT to write the SHSP and identify their top emphasis areas to focus on for the next five years.

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