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Roadway Safety Plan

SRF worked with Brown County, Wisconsin to develop the first County Road Safety Plan in the state of Wisconsin. The goal of the project was to conduct a county-wide systemic review of the roadway network and analyze county crash data and roadway characteristics to identify safety concerns. SRF analyzed approximately 200 miles of roadway segments, 115 curves, and 83 intersections. The focus of data collection and analysis was primarily on the rural roadway network, where speed limits are higher and more severe crashes occur. Using national research and best practices, SRF identified location-specific low-cost/high-impact safety countermeasures that resulted in project recommendations for 37 roadway segments, 49 curves, and 23 intersections.

Brown County used the safety plan results to implement 21 low-cost/high-impact projects (such as chevrons, rumbles trips, signage) in 2019 and has 17 projects planned for installation in 2020. Brown County historically experienced a five-year Fatal Crash Average of 17 fatalities per year. In 2019, Brown County experienced a reduction to nine fatalities.

Brown County
Brown County, Wisconsin
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