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Park-and-Ride Facility

As part of the Mound Harbor Renaissance Project, the City of Mound needed additional parking to complement the revitalization of the Lake Minnetonka waterfront and their downtown. SRF worked with the City to study parking needs for the area.

The City is the westerly terminus for two Metro Transit bus routes, and the parking area is adjacent to a future Light Rail Transit corridor. The parking area serves park and ride transit customers, new office/restaurant space, the surrounding redevelopment area, and a farmers’ market. The parking study considered existing conditions and future development within the study area; SRF recommended that the City combine parking for the wide range of uses and construct a 126-stall parking ramp, with provisions for expanding the facility by an additional 56 spaces.

SRF completed the design of the site work in partnership with the project architect and landscape architect. Because of the proximity of the project to Lake Minnetonka and concerns of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, SRF developed a number of innovative stormwater treatment methods to reduce the quantity and improve the quality of runoff from the site, including the use of pervious pavers throughout the site, planter boxes and tree irrigation, a sand filter, and a small pond that includes a waterfall/pump system to maintain water clarity and reduce algae production.

SRF also completed the utility site work necessary for the future renovation/relocation of a historic building, Metro Transit driver facilities, and an office/restaurant.

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Mound, Minnesota
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