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Gitchi-Gami State Trail

The extension of the Gitchi-Gami State Trail from the Cut Face Creek Wayside Rest Area to Grand Marais provides the opportunity to implement a key link of trail which can eventually connect to Two Harbors and provide access to state parks, natural areas, and communities along the North Shore. Its alignment along Lake Superior also offers opportunities for establishing better visibility and connections to the lake while providing a more scenic trail experience for user groups.
On behalf of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, SRF is managing the preliminary engineering, design engineering, construction engineering, construction quality control, and construction contract administration.
Steep slopes and close proximity to CSAH 61 are important water resources and hydraulic design considerations. Maintaining hydraulic capacity and perpetuating existing flow patterns are critical to a successful design. Erosion control and slope stability are also primary concerns for a successful design.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Cut Face Creek Wayside Rest Area to Grand Marais, Minnesota
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