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I-96 Active Traffic Management System for MDOT

The I-96 Active Traffic Management (ATM) project was the Michigan DOT’s second ATM-equipped corridor and first use of ramp metering systems in more than 40 years. Bringing together intelligent lane control, dynamic shoulder use, and ramp management, the project reduced congestion on the I-96 corridor west of Detroit for a fraction of the cost of constructing new roadways.

SRF provided an in-depth review of the I-96 concept of operations and a detailed functional comparison to the US-23 concept, the Michigan DOT’s first ATM deployment. This comparison analyzed the operational scenarios used in each concept, the graphics and messages to be used for lane control, and developed a harmonization plan to ensure consistency of operations between the corridors.

SRF facilitated a stakeholder meeting where 34 representatives from state, local, and regional agencies provided detailed feedback, comments, and suggestions for the I-96 ATM deployment. Their input was used to update the operational concept for the corridor.

SRF capitalized on our extensive ramp metering expertise to design and deploy a dynamic ramp metering strategy.

Michigan Department of Transportation
Novi, Michigan
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