SRF’s ITS team is unique to the nation in our large capacity and capability.  We are skilled at translating user needs into technological solutions and provide services to clients throughout the  Midwest, including on-call ITS services for six state DOTs.  Our staff has diverse professional skills that enable us to offer start-to-finish services in ITS planning, design, implementation, and integration.  We also work closely with our electrical engineering group to provide expertise in the planning and design of electrical systems.


Our project experience ranges from preparing statewide ITS design standards, to field-deployed operational concepts, to developing ATMS software.  Our specific areas of expertise include:

ITS Planning

  • Stakeholder facilitation
  • Statewide, regional, project planning
  • Regional and project architectures
  • ITS design standards
  • Grant applications

System Design

  • Systems Engineering
  • Hardware and software requirements definition
  • Preliminary/final design
  • Communication design

System Implementation

  • System integration
  • Testing and verification
  • Construction oversight

ATMOS Software

ITS Evaluation

  • Concept demonstration
  • Technology evaluation
  • Benefit/cost analysis
  • Project evaluation

Technology and Skills

  • Connected vehicles
  • Collision warning systems
  • Communications design
  • Network design and software development
  • Traffic monitoring technologies
  • Weather technologies
  • Transit technologies
  • Traffic engineering
  • GIS/digital mapping/LIDAR

Electrical Engineering »

  • Lighting system design
  • Power distribution design
  • Communication system design
  • ITS application and system design
  • Control circuit and system design
  • Solar PV system design
  • Backup power/UPS system design
  • Equipment evaluation, selection and commissioning
  • Application programming
  • Utility coordination