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Bureau of Indian Affairs Route 6 Reconstruction and Preservation Project
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, BIA 6 Reconstruction and Preservation



FY 2023 RAISE Project Information Form

Project Description

Project Location File

Project Budget

Funding Commitment Documentation

Merit Criteria

Project Readiness

Benefit-Cost Analysis Narrative

Benefit-Cost Analysis Calculations

Letters of Support

Benefit Cost Analysis

BCA Memo

BCA Calculations


Project Description Figure 1. Project Location

Project Description Figure 2. BIA 6 Pavement Condition

Project Description Figure 3. BIA 6 Detours

Project Description Figure 4. BIA 6 Ditch Slopes or Inslopes

Project Description Figure 5. BIA 6 Striping

Project Description Figure 6. BIA 6 Intersection with ND 6

Project Description Figure 7. BIA 6 Census Tracts

Merit Criteria Figure 1. BIA 6 Existing Conditions

Merit Criteria Figure 2. Safety Survey Comments

Merit Criteria Figure 3. Rural Roadway Safety Disproportionality

Merit Criteria Figure 4. BIA 6 Detours

Merit Criteria Figure 5. Sitting Bull Burial Site & Memorial in Fort Yates

Merit Criteria Figure 6. Fort Yates Pow Wow

Merit Criteria Figure 7. Opioid Shipments to Native American Communities

Merit Criteria Figure 8. Sitting Bull Visitor Center

Merit Criteria Figure 9. North Dakota Wind Resource Map

Merit Criteria Figure 10. BIA 6 Intersection with ND 6

Merit Criteria Figure 11. Deteriorating Conditions on BIA 6

Merit Criteria Figure 12. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Gravel Pit

Project Readiness Figure 1. Project Schedule

Letters of Support

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

North Dakota Department of Transportation

Congressional Delegation

Sioux County, North Dakota

Project Layout

BIA 6 Reconstruction

BIA 6 Preservation

Project Funding and Cost Estimates

BIA 6 Phase 1 Reconstruction Cost Estimate

BIA 6 Phase 2 Resurfacing Cost Estimate

Funding Breakdown

Project Schedule

Project Schedule

Reports and Studies

Transportation Improvement Program

Long Range Transportation Plan

Tribal Transportation Safety Plan

National Roadway Safety Strategy

Pavement Management Plan Rural

Pavement Management Plan Urban

Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating Asphalt Roads Manual