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SRF’s Partners at the City of Plymouth Receive $15M Through the RAISE Grant Program

SRF’s Grant Lead Jo Ann Olsen partnered with the City to secure $15M for the Metrolink Station 73 Transit and Regional Improvement Program through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability & Equity (RAISE) grant. This funding will deliver multi-modal solutions to the community improving transportation choices and safety while bolstering the quality of life for those who live in and visit the City of Plymouth.

This project is centered around the Metrolink Station 73 Transit Center at the intersection of Highway 55, County Road 73, and South Shore. This funding will support:

  • Reconstruction of 0.2 miles of Highway 55 to improve pavement quality.
  • Two new in-line bus platforms on Highway 55 to facilitate faster, more convenient transit service.
  • Construction of one mile of new multi-use path connection to provide a critical link of the Eagle Lake to Bryant Lake Regional Trail.
  • Construction of one new roundabout at the intersection of South Shore Drive and 10th Avenue North.
  • Realignment of 0.2 miles of County Road 73 to match alignment with South Shore Drive across Highway 55.
  • Construction of a bike fix-it station and e-bike/e-scooter charging area at Station 73 to improve bicycle accommodations and create a mobility hub.

Congratulations to our partners at the City of Plymouth!

The RAISE grant provides a federal funding mechanism for the USDOT to invest in roadway, rail, transit, and port projects that have regional and national significance. Project sponsors can include state DOTs, MPOs, counties, municipalities, and tribal governments.

Success Securing RAISE Grants

SRF has a dedicated, talented team of 60 project managers, writers, benefit-cost analysis professionals, technical specialists, and researchers to meet the grant development needs of our clients. SRF funding and grant experts have a successful track record in pairing clients’ needs with funding sources and securing grant dollars for projects of all sizes.