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SRF President Todd Polum Makes Statement of Support

Like many across our great country, we are saddened by recent events in the Twin Cities. In response, people across the U.S. and world have expressed sorrow, frustration, and anger, but also hope and determination to make a difference going forward. We all have the power to create monumental change, and the time is now. It is our responsibility to do our part. This starts with our own actions: how we personally act and conduct ourselves. That we act and speak out when we witness discrimination or an absence of justice. Creating change is also about educating ourselves to understand different perspectives, different opinions, and different experiences. It is about providing financial support and volunteering to help facilitate positive change in our communities, states, and nation.

We at SRF commit to offering human dignity, acceptance, and respect to everyone. We will work to rebuild our neighborhoods and provide increased opportunities for disadvantaged and under-represented members of our communities.


– Todd Polum, PE, SRF President