As communities and neighborhoods strive to improve quality of life, we must clearly communicate transportation and infrastructure visions to the public, demonstrate an understanding of community needs, and facilitate decision-making that balances complex choices. Public engagement issues are unique to each project and require thoughtful planning to achieve success. SRF can help you select the right tools to fit your project whether it is as simple as conducting a productive public hearing or as complex as orchestrating a public design exercise. Through respectful conversations with agencies and the public, we better understand the needs of the community and respond with creative, cost-effective solutions that create successes for our clients.


“We feel confident engaging our community partners knowing the study is accurate, timely, and effectively communicated both verbally and visually. This is the first project I’ve managed where the consulting team was able to execute, anticipate, and even improve upon our direction with minimal hand holding. That has allowed us to focus on our role in engaging our partners and planning next steps.” – Charles Carlson, AICP – Metro Transit