National CAV Perspective from AASHTO’s Cooperative Automated Transportation Coalition (CAT)


The Cooperative Automated Transportation Coalition (CAT) serves as a collaborative focal point for federal, state and local government officials, academia, industry and their related associations to address critical program and technical issues associated with the nationwide deployment of connected and automated vehicles on streets and highways.

Join the T3 Forum to hear featured speaker Patrick Zelinski from AASHTO, along with updates from FHWA and MnDOT representatives.

Patrick Zelinski is a Program Manager for Operations Policy with AASHTO. Patrick will present an overview of AASHTO’s Cooperative Automated Transportation Coalition (CAT) activities, which includes the CAT Coalition, committee working groups on CAV and CAT, and the Infrastructure Owner Operator Guiding Principles for Deploying CAT.

Jim McCarthy is a traffic operations engineer with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is currently working on a number of ITS projects, including ITS operational tests, USDOT’s Connected Vehicle program, new traffic operation centers, deployment of roadside devices and creation of advanced traveler information systems.


Kristin White leads MnDOT’s CAV-X Office and Minnesota’s Destination CAV research and testing program to develop strategic, innovative and collaborative ideas. As Executive Director of Minnesota’s connected and automated vehicle (CAV) program, she leverages her legal, policy, and strategic vision to bring public and private partners together to innovate policy and technology solutions.