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Wayzata Bay Center Redevelopment

In anticipation of redevelopment of the Bay Center in downtown Wayzata, the City engaged SRF to assist in numerous areas related to physical planning, infrastructure preliminary design, and public process.

SRF conducted an assessment of existing conditions and posed alternative redevelopment concepts to assist policymakers in understanding the strengths and tradeoffs of land use, density, traffic patterns, and edge treatment. This exercise gave rise to a set of planning principles to be used in guiding private sector initiatives and in evaluating development submittals.

SRF served as an extension of City staff in responding to private sector development plans. Skill areas employed included land use, urban design, traffic, streets and roadways, utilities, and environmental planning. During the course of the redevelopment process, SRF prepared critical path schedules and diagrams to guide public initiatives. Site planning expertise was provided to help resolve physical layout and design issues. Preliminary design tasks were completed for adjacent street and circulation systems, streetscape and urban design elements, pedestrian and bicycle accommodations, and environmental systems.

SRF was also a primary agent to review and comment on developer submissions and their consistency with City needs and project intent.

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Wayzata, Minnesota
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