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Midtown Greenway Planning and Design

Located in south Minneapolis, the Midtown Greenway offers 5.5 miles of bicycling and walking trails along a former railroad corridor. SRF has been a long-term partner in the planning and development of the Greenway. Working with the Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority , City of Minneapolis, and the Midtown Greenway Coalition, SRF provided planning, design, and engineering services, which also involved the preparation of construction documents and construction administration services.

During master planning, a multiple-use vision for the corridor was established with urban design improvements extending into the adjacent neighborhoods. A major part of this project was fostering a sense of greenway ownership among the 15 neighborhoods. Community participation was vital to the master planning process and included working with technical and neighborhood advisory committees and leading many community meetings.

Many use the Midtown Greenway as a bike trail, commuter route, and a means of getting from point A to B. For others, it serves as a community garden, a place for public art, and a transit connection. For many, it has simply become a place to live, work, and thrive. The numerous events and activities held along the Greenway are a testament to the community’s unwavering appreciation for this unique amenity.

Twenty years ago, the Greenway was a hazardous and forgotten former railroad corridor. Today, it provides year round opportunities to commute, recreate, and enjoy one of the true great places in the Twin Cities. Thousands of people use the Greenway each spring, summer, or fall day, and hundreds of hearty cyclists and runners brave the cold each winter day. The Greenway significantly contributes to the great quality of life in the Twin Cities and continues to establish Minneapolis as one of the top cities for biking in the country.

Hennepin County Regional Rail Authority, City of Minneapolis, and the Midtown Greenway Coalition
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Parks, Trails, and Recreation
2015 Rails to Trails Conservancy Hall of Fame
2015 Minnesota APA Success Stories in Implementation Award
Named one of 2014 Great Places by the Sensible Land Use Coalition and cited as the Top Urban Bike Path in the nation by USA Today.
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