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METRO Green Line LRT Before and After Study

SRF was engaged to complete a Before and After Study for the METRO Green Line (Central Corridor) LRT. The METRO Green Line provides light rail transit service along an 11-mile corridor between Saint Paul and Minneapolis, located mainly within the median of University Avenue, a busy thoroughfare connecting the two cities. The Before and After Study is a requirement of the Federal Transit Administration as part of a project’s Full Funding Grant Agreement and is used to report the results of major capital investments to Congress.

SRF conducted an in-depth analysis of the five aspects of the project required by FTA: LRT project scope, capital costs, service levels, operating and maintenance costs, and ridership. In addition, SRF completed an analysis of “after LRT” economic conditions to compare to a set of “before LRT” indicators collected by the agency. SRF assembled a visually rich report that conveyed technical information in a readable format suitable for FTA’s purposes and for local policymakers’ use.

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