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Highway 252/I-94 Environmental Process

Hennepin County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation asked SRF to support environmental review efforts for a project to improve the Highway 252 and I-94 corridor in Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, and Minneapolis. The study area extends from the north at Hwy 610 south to the 4th Street Exit in downtown Minneapolis. SRF was tasked with leading a variety of project efforts, first during an Environmental Assessment (EA) which later turned into an Environmental Impact Statement. Key tasks have included traffic analysis, alternatives development, environmental process documents, and public engagement, among others.

The public engagement efforts on this project are substantial. SRF led in-person and online engagement efforts during both the EA process and the EIS process. This has included to-date more than 50 public engagement touch points, including interactive open houses, pop-up events, door knocking, online surveys, website updates, listening sessions and project topic video presentations. In this process, the team has gathered thousands of public comments, which have been analyzed using machine learning to better inform future public engagement strategies moving forward with the project.

The following digital media tools were created by the SRF team to support the public engagement process:

Roadway Access

Pedestrian Access

Project Alternatives

Project Elements

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