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In 2015, the Canadian National Railroad (CN)/Grand Trunk Western Railroad (GTW) sought to expand their Moterm intermodal facility located in the City of Ferndale, Michigan. As part of the negotiations for this expansion, the railroad agreed to assist the City with the implementation of a quiet zone at all four CN/GTW rail crossings within the City. CN/GTW hired SRF to assist with the assessment, conceptual design, and implementation of the Ferndale quiet zone.

SRF coordinated and led a diagnostic team meeting consisting of representatives from the railroad, the City, and the Michigan Department of Transportation. The team reviewed the four public grade crossings along the corridor and identified multiple crossing improvement options at each. SRF worked with the City and railroad to identify the desired crossing improvement scenario. 

SRF developed and submitted to the FRA the documentation necessary for quiet zone implementation. SRF also continued coordination efforts with the City and railroad throughout the design and construction period to ensure that the crossing improvements were built to meet the standards outlined in the FRA’s Train Horn Rule. The quiet zone was fully implemented on January 3, 2018.  

Canadian National Railroad (CN)/Grand Trunk Western Railroad (GTW)
Ferndale, Michigan
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