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Quiet Zone Feasibility Study

The City of Chicago Heights, Illinois selected SRF to complete a Quiet Zone Feasibility Study. This quiet zone is significant because of its considerable size and magnitude the quiet zone included a review of 10 at-grade crossings along two distinct rail subdivisions, some crossings with as many as 36 trains traveling through the City per day.

Client services provided by SRF included:

  • On-site diagnostic field work
  • Leading project coordination discussions with state and federal agencies
  • Developing multiple crossing improvement scenarios with cost estimates
  • Creating project graphics and conceptual layouts
  • Completed preliminary and final design engineering

Based on diagnostic team input, SRF developed a range of improvement options for each crossing and multiple quiet zone scenarios, including a minimum qualifying scenario and a scenario treating all crossings. For each individual rail line, the recommended quiet zone scenario includes a mix of crossing improvements that would sufficiently lower the risk levels to qualify for a quiet zone.   

Based on the overall study and improvements listed above, the City of Chicago Heights City Council approved the report. The City selected SRF to prepare the preliminary and final engineering for each crossing including construction plans, specifications and cost estimates. The City is planning to construct the Union Pacific Railroad crossing improvement in 2021 and implement the quiet zone.

City of Chicago Heights
Chicago Heights, Illinois
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