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Jody Martinson, PE

Chief Operating Officer
Minneapolis, MN

Jody has been a leader in the transportation industry since starting her career at MnDOT in 1994. After serving as the District Engineer for MnDOT Districts 3 and 4, Jody was named the Assistant Commissioner of the Operations Division in 2017. In this executive leadership role, she managed overall MnDOT operations that included transportation program development and delivery, maintenance, legislative and policy development, strategic planning, business planning, and organizational change management for eight District Offices, the Office of Maintenance, the Office of Traffic Engineering, and the CAV-X (Connected and Autonomous Vehicles) Office. Jody worked to ensure continuous improvement in cost, quality, and timely delivery of products and services. While at MnDOT, Jody served as a member of the Executive Inclusion Council, Co-Champion of the Asset Management Steering Committee, and Champion of the Strategic Women Advancing Transportation. Jody is highly regarded for her integrity and commitment to collaboration by forming and strengthening strong partnerships within the transportation industry.

As SRF’s Chief Operating Officer, Jody ensures day-to-day operational excellence at SRF and fosters the growth and development of our staff. Jody brings passion and energy to her work by inspiring others to focus on what’s most important, improving the quality of life of others.

“We have the opportunity to make an incredible difference in the lives of others. Our clients often won’t be back in a community for decades — we have one chance to make it right. A successful project reflects the needs of the communities we serve. I find the most joy knowing that we have provided a more accessible and safer transportation network for all users.”

The Carlson Company Credo inspires Jody’s philosophy:

Whatever you do, do with integrity;
Wherever you go, go as a leader;
Whomever you serve, serve with caring;
Whenever you dream, dream with your all;
And never, ever give up.

Jody’s favorite pastime is traveling and exploring new places with her husband and two daughters. She also enjoys spending time at the lake with family and friends and finds nothing more relaxing than watching the sunset.