As the leader of SRF’s Transit Planning and Design practice, Mona has spearheaded transit projects across the U.S. She is an experienced project manager with many years of transit experience. Mona is highly regarded for her commitment to working collaboratively with clients and dedication to providing exceptional service. Mona’s experience includes contributing to all phases of a project, including corridor feasibility, funding, modal analysis, impact assessment, implementation and agency coordination. She also has significant experience with the FTA Capital Investment Grants Program.

Mona’s recent projects include:

  • Rochester Downtown Rapid Transit, Minnesota
  • IndyGO Purple Line BRT Construction Management, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Chapel Hill North-South BRT NEPA Study, North Carolina
  • Milwaukee East-West BRT Environmental Assessment, Wisconsin
  • Metro Transit Orange Line BRT Design Services, Twin Cities, Minnesota
  • MnDOT Five-Year Transit System Plans, Minnesota
  • Michigan I-69 Corridor Transit Needs Study, Mass Transportation Authority
  • West Broadway Transit Study, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • METRO Red Line (Cedar Avenue Transitway) Implementation Plan Update, Dakota County, Minnesota
  • Highway 169 Transitway/MnPASS Study, Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Arterial Transitways Corridor Study, Metropolitan Council
  • Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis, Metropolitan Council
  • Highway Transitway Corridor Study, Metropolitan Council
  • Green Line (Central Corridor), Saint Paul, Minnesota

P: 651.333.4133


Areas of Expertise:

  • Project Management
  • Transit Planning
  • FTA New Starts/Small Starts Funding
  • Agency Coordination
  • Public Engagement
  • Environmental Documentation