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Reconstruction of Interstate 29 Exit 69 Bridges

North Dakota Department of Transportation, Reconstruction of Interstate 29 Exit 69 Bridges

FY 2024 Bridge Investment Program (BIP) Discretionary Grant (Bridge Project under $100 million)



National Bridge Inventory

Project Location

Benefit Cost Analysis

BCA Memo

BCA Workbook

Letters of Support

NDDOT Funding Commitment

Cass County Funding Commitment

City of Fargo Funding Commitment

Letters of Support

Project Layout

Project Layout

Detailed Project Layout

Project Funding Areas and BIP Eligibility

Project Funding and Cost Estimates

Bundled Project Funding Breakdown

Unbundled Project Cost by Major Activity

Detailed Project Cost Estimate

Project Schedule

Project Schedule

Project Risks and Mitigation Strategies

Reports and Studies

Marvin Windows News Article

2.3 Million Items News Article

Air Cargo News Article

Readiness Center News Article

Traffic Operations Analysis

I-29 Wrong Way Driver News Article

Bridge Inspection Reports

Bridge Condition Forecasts

29-69.374 Bridge Inspection Report

29-69.374 N Bridge Inspection Report

Interchange Selection and Decision Report

Land Entitlement News Article

Forecast AADT

AASHTO Manual for Bridge Element Inspection

Public Engagement Summary

Environmental Justice (EJ) Analysis Guidance

EJSCREEN Community Report

Water Resources Map

Amazon Jobs News Article

NDDOT Maintenance Operations Manual

Bridge 29-69.374 Condition Forecast

Bridge 29-69.374N Condition Forecast

Public Engagement Plan

NEPA Document Recommendation