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North Dakota Department of Transportation
I-29 Cross-Median Crash Elimination Project
FY 2023/24 Multimodal Project Discretionary Grant (MPDG) Opportunity


Project Information Form

Project Description

Location File-ND-I-29 Guardrail Project

Project Budget, Sources, and Uses of Funding

Funding Commitment Documentation

Project Outcome Criteria

Project Readiness

Project Requirements

Benefit Cost Analysis

Benefit-Cost Analysis Narrative

Benefit-Cost Analysis Calculations


Project Description Figure 1. Project Location

Project Description Figure 2. Semi, SUV, and Truck Crash Prevented from Crossing Median by HTMCG in Fargo (Valley News Live)

Project Description Figure 3. Cross-Median Crash Statistics (FHWA)

Project Description Figure 4. Project Design Status

Project Description Figure 5. HTMCG History in the State of North Dakota

Project Description Figure 6. Project Location in Regional Context

Outcome Criteria Figure 1. NDDOT Goals

Outcome Criteria Figure 2. Cross-Median Crash Statistics (FHWA)

Outcome Criteria Figure 3. Semi-Truck Prevented from Crossing the Median on I-29 Near Grand Forks

Outcome Criteria Figure 4. Projected Change in Winter Weather Precipitation (CISESS and NEMAC)

Outcome Criteria Figure 5. HTMCG in North Dakota

Outcome Criteria Figure 6. TAMP Cycle (NDDOT)

Outcome Criteria Figure 7. Border Crossing Top Truck Route Analysis (NDDOT)

Outcome Criteria Figure 8. Inside the Fargo Air Museum (less than 2 miles from I-29)

Outcome Criteria Figure 9. Environmental Justice Map

Outcome Criteria Figure 10. HTMCG Training Flyer

Letters of Support

Letters of Support

Agency 1

Agency 2

All Others

Project Layout

Preliminary Engineering Plan Set

Project Funding and Cost Estimates

Cost Estimate & Funding Breakdown

North Dakota Senate Bill 2113

North Dakota House Bill 1012

Project Schedule

Project Schedule

Reports and Studies


Vision Zero SHSP


State Freight & Rail Plan

Crash Analysis

Winter Weather Article

Categorical Exclusion by Definition (Environmental)

Winter Weather Crashes

Areas of Persistent Poverty Table

Environmental Justice Indicators